Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pursuit of what, again?

Not much of a quotes guy since I always have my own crap to give - But here are the last lines from one of my all time favorite movies....

You love playing with that. You love playing with all your stuffed animals. You love your Mommy, your Daddy. You love your pajamas. You love everything, don't ya? Yea. But you know what, buddy? As you get older... some of the things you love might not seem so special anymore. Like your Jack-in-a-Box. Maybe you'll realize it's just a piece of tin and a stuffed animal. And the older you get, the fewer things you really love. And by the time you get to my age, maybe it's only one or two things. With me, I think it's one.

-The Hurt Locker

And with that, he returns to the roads of the war torn country with his bomb-proof suit on...

What happens whenever I read these lines:

1) Reminds me that sometimes, it's important you know what you really wanna do...
2) ...and sometimes you have no fucking clue what it is.

*Goes back to his coffee, Internet and a motorcycle ride....*