Saturday, November 14, 2009

And the time stops

Well death completes life. Na? I am not really a person who gets shaken when people around me die under one condition. They were old and had their lives lived.
For old folks, death definitely completes life and that's the way to go. But otherwise...

I kid you not, here is a list of strange and unfortunate kicking of buckets that happened to people around me, not necessarily close to me.

Krishna uncle, 50ish, was walking in a residential street of Bangalore and a huuuuuge lorry(naa not a boring accident story) carrying LPG gas cylinders had its latch open at the back. One wicked cylinder popped out and fell straight on Krishna uncle. Yeah, he died.

A nameless relative from Pondicherry went mango picking on a tree inside his own house, so he could give the mangoes to his daughter. Slipped off a branch and yeah, he died, succumbing to head injuries. Can you imagine if the wife met a friend after a year or so and the friends surprised to see her widowed and goes on to ask "how did it happen??" and she replies: he went mango plucking and died.

Mom's colleague was talking to her husband over the phone. Suddenly, the man mumbles something and there is no sound from that end. They later discovered his dead body in his car (with the mobile phone in his hand) parked in T. Nagar, Chennai.
He died cuz the bubblegum he was chewing entered his breathing pipe(or whatever they call it) and he suffered an instant death. My doctor uncle tells me that a vacuum cleaner would have been the quickest way to pull the gum out. (I am not officially allowed to chew gum moms still paranoid) This story is obviously more lame naa? The widow would have had to answer a thousand phone calls and convince people he really died out of a bubblegum block.

For hard hearted folks, the stories above might have come across as a little funny but I don't think you're gonna enjoy this one.

In the BSNL office, Mount Road, a worker gets her baby to work. A co worker who was super excited on seeing the baby, held it up under its arms and flung it high in the air hoping to catch it, and entertain the baby....Well..

The baby hit the apparently low-ceiling fan and the blades struck the skull of the baby. The co worker was never seen again. He quit his job that day and probably left the city.

Well that's why they say: தத்துவமும் தோற்று போகும் இடம்..மரணம்

(Where even the best of philosophy or wisdom fails, is death)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ass in the lions..oh wait

George Washington said, “An army of asses led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by an ass.”

What about an ass in the lion's hide?