Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everything is coming

Loud trucks,
noisy fucks

No not another poem...just that my blocked right ear is all opened up and everything around me is noisy

Secrets cease,
Deceased secrets.

For people who spoke stuff I shouldn't hear, well screw you all!

Ear drops,
Drop of decibels.

For everyone who realized this is consecutive crap,

happy hearing,
happy reading,
my ear is back,
two in a pack,
wish me another year,
of blogging nonsense.
everything is coming...
everything is coming...
everything is coming...


Joshua said...


Sailusha said...

and yet I say...
and what is Joshua so confused about?? he'll ask you to delete this comment.. don't

Swetha said...

wat a load of crap !!!

Jallu said...

Macchhaaaaa.....CAN U HEAR ME!!!!!!!