Monday, June 8, 2009

Ping pong and blogger's gone

They shut down blogger for Chinese IPs and my post disappeared when I tried continuing at home.Now back at office

I have a weird feeling that the Chinese think I'm either a eunuch or a girl.
Cuz everytime I play ping pong with Sun Wei and 2 others walk in, he asks them,

"Doo yoo want to plaaai mixadubbles?"

Me:(wtf?!) Dude you mean doubles right? (With a smile assuring him that I know he is just kidding and he aint a jackass)

Sun: Weer already plaaain dubbles. Lets plaai mixadubbles naaow


I gave up.

Lunch was a futile effort at me trying to prove I can be really Chinese by tasting all their food. I put in whatever my colleagues took in their plates.

I think I put some national geographic shows to shame. I had

(a) Steaks (forgot which animal)
(b) Pork with Rice
(c) Clams. This is the best part. The fish inside was cooked alive with the opened shell. So we take some shells on our plate, eat the gooey stuff inside(with chopsticks) and collect those shells for hobby(naaa)

I think this brave effort paid off as 2 of them wanted to try Indian food for dinner. Took them to Ganges, a restaurant which would have shut down had it opened in Hyderabad. Very mediocre food, but making a lot of business here.

One question I was asked by a lady in the office:

Why do Indians not touch their food with the left hand?

Answers anyone?


Manasa said...


Manasa said...

You probably had raw clams. just cleaned and given to ya.

wai doo yu hav problem wi mixadubbles ya?

Sailusha said...

be a sport machaa.. if they wanna play mixadubbles, just go for it! ;)
btw.. if you are planning on sharing your blog with your new chinese friends,...

Vicky said...

@mansa: yea i dooo hava prup lam with mixadubbles. I doan wan 'im to hug me after a poyint

@sailusha: i dont have problems sharing it with them...they might think jackass is a tropical fruit for all u know

Cassey said...

hey!!! can i answer de last bit???????? :P

maru said...

Right handers eat with their right hand and left handers eat with their left...We have used both for splitting our college hostel roti and barotta...have you already learnt to use chopsticks...great machi...dude...what about rice beer???

Ro said...

How come noone commented on the way you play PING PONG??...or you just censored it?:P

Vicky said...

dude they think I play really well :p

Especially the pizza serve "soooo faaais yo serve..difficul to take"

Death of a Clown said...

mixadubbles is a code word for something else, i bet. r u sure sure they weren't suggesting some kinky stuff?

Brity said...

just couldnt stop laughing readin this post....LOL!!!!

Rifz said...

mixadubbles? may be you've got their gender wrong ;) (The 2 who walk in!)

Uday said...

Amazing post man..ROFL

Vicky said...

@dead clown:pervert! always thinkin dat way :p

@Rafath: aaah u add new perspectives i say

@Uday thanks man