Sunday, June 7, 2009

Being a man. Doing the right thing.

Grabbed a Chinese newspaper at the Bangalore airport to understand the country better and its current affairs.

The events, crimes, rules and happenings are just way too different. Just amazes me as how people, just few hundred miles from our borders can be so different in everything they do.

Irate husbands trying to kill their wives seems to be a trend here. NRIs are kinda weird too I think. A Tam bram mom was putting her baby to sleep by singing naaka mukka.(In an era where Johnny still sings laaa laa laa laaaaa laaaaaaaaa ley :p )

Other news:

A local Govt. in Fujian awards 10 extra marks to students whose parents purchased a land in a certain area. They needed to boost the local property market! With heavy criticism they are planning to remove it now.

25 people burn to death on the main road inside a public bus. The driver could not open the door and 25 inside charred to death! And no one knows the cause yet.

And David Carradine was found dead in his apartment (in Thailand) with a rope tied to the fan. Researchers later found it was not suicide but a sex act found wrong. He was declared dead due to masturbation gone wrong!

Anyways, the air hostess in DragonAir got her first request for alcohol from yours truly and announced she has only eeeeeeegal.

Me: Whiskey? Brandy? What is it?

She:er..I donno. Its called eeeegal.

Me: Okay one glass eeeegal.

I was like wtf I have had Monitor and it can't be worse.

She brings a bottle of Chivas Reagal and pours it in a glass full of rocks! They call it Reaaaaaagal without the R!

No English at all here. My driver kept talking to me in Mandarin/Cantonese/Some Chinese lingo/ pointing to buildings and smiling. I kept returning the lame "smile+xie xie".

In a quest to taste at least 70% of the fauna here, I started with Chicken and Oysters with Rice. No comments on the taste though.

For now zzz ing in the nice apartment I am put up at.


Afrin said...

Already there? Nice photos. :P

Sounds crazy, good observations... keep updating.

Sailusha said...

celebrating differences? ;)
bring it on!

Death of a Clown said...

aha, keep posting regular updates, especially of the weird food you eat. i heard the snakes at the eat street equivalent are a specialty. so are the other creepy crawlies.

bee n ma(n). dooo. da. raii(t). thing.

Joshua said...

Oysters on the first day... try shark meat,and pray that you don't have any kind of allergies with that kind of stuff.

g. said...

yo Dude! don't put everything in your mouth that you find! be careful out there! ;)

Ro said...

I like!!...keep posting :)

Hannah said...

nice :)))))) careful wid de meat :((((((((

Sangavi said...

Nice post. Would like to read more about Cheen :-)

Brity said...

Sounds like quite an experience already...I am lookin forward to loads of updates n hey were u in Bangalore??and you didnt tell me??grrrrr....

Archana said...

hey..nice one...well crafted...unique observations..!

Prasanna said...

I can't believe that a mom uses naaka mukka for a lullaby. lol...

I can so relate to that 'nodding to whatever driver says' bit.. I have done that even in Bangalore when the driver spoke to me in Kannada.

Keep more Chinese posts coming!!

Jallu said...

hahahahahahahaha.... so did u enjoy ur eeeegal?? :P

man...i wish i cud be ther wen u get back...listenin to u narrate ur (mis)adventures wud have been careful with the food tho.. :)

enzoi. You Russell Peter's ardent fan :)