Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thup Sum Bong

Day 1:

With a lenient attitude of changing my imaginative perception on Bong women as people with bright big dots on faces and "jataang" lipstick, I arrived here in the Bong land today.

I appreciate my imagination. I was "bong" on target. Every bong is easily recognizable with women sporting this traffic red signal sort of lipstick. Probably to say stop, don't ;) Okay that was rhoshisth (Read racist)

The airport is much the same as Chennai Central with fleas hovering over when you use the loo. (Not kidding). Kolkata airport sure needs an overhaul.

With my broken Hindi, I approach the Taxi Stand and convey I need to go to IIM, Joka. This smart ass comes with a sheet and shows me "Zoka: 800 Rs." and tries to convince me it is the same as Joka.

Jokas apart, I wanted to verify with the official counter and I see Joka: 600 Rs. and this guy says "Oh Joka? teek hai teek hai sorry" and goes away.

So I'm here at the IIM campus after a funny lunch with sugar in every dish I ordered.
The campus is beautiful: Lots of greenery, a nice lake and a bad weather. This place is a bird sanctuary and at around 6 pm, thousands of birds are right on top of your head dropping crap. To try some probability:

If you studied in IIMC for 2 years, you must've got hit at least once.

Enough crap. More later.


jayan said...

may your 'sole' rest in 'piss'..

Sailusha said...

maybe if you get into IIMC, you wouldn't sit under a tree after the first day :P

Cassey said...

like the above comment :)

Enthu Cutlet said... must eat loads of putchkas and churmur chaat. And if you go to New Market, you must go to this bakery called Nahoum & Sons. Yummy plum cakes and cashew cookies! AAH.. craving is coming!

Mr.Cool said...

u smell

maru said...

its still worth it, even if buffalos fly above :)