Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thousand and 1 yens

Trust not in God,
fall not in love,
believe not in prayer.
Wish not, desire not,
dream not...

For what matters,
are dead presidents.
It's the dead static ones,
that speak for you,
for me,
for the living.

It's the dough,
that kneads us.
A yen without a yen,
as good as impotent men.

Inches of paper,
wrap the globe.
Spin spin spin,
like a woman on gin.

Lit candles,
bring no romance.
It's the bundles.
For beauty lies,
in the hands,
of the shareholder.

Crave till the grave.
Till death,
tears man apart.

*Title crypt: Thousand(M) and 1 (ONE) yens(Y)...Money