Thursday, December 11, 2008

By(e) Gone Era

Create yet conceal,
Delay, yet deliver
With great effort comes
first cry, then smile,
Oh this is going to be heaven!
Alright, all set.

Crippled, yet created,
quickened and dissolved
With guilt,
Ohhhh this is hell.

Life outside the basket,
just aint worth the let.
Apologies sweetie,
bidding a bye.


Sailusha said...


Josh said...

When did u write this?

Vicky said...

If you dint have anything to comment, you could ve left it blank. Lol isnt der a date written? jackass!

and just an update-

The Post is NOT about a girl. Loads of people are asking me the same thing. So just making it clear :) It does not refer to a girl at all.

Josh said...

Fool I meant when was it written? Not when it was posted. The date of writing puts this post into some context then.

Enthu Cutlet said...

hmmm... dunno why I got the feeling that... it's abt giving birth to a physically challenged baby. Err... any close to what you had in mind?

Vicky said...

I dont disagree

raghav said...

@ mach: I couldnt guess it until i read the comments.Good one :)

@enthucutlet :Great guess!!!

Anonymous said...

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Riddhi said...

I really like this one. :)

Vignesh Anand said...

@Riddhi I somehow knew that this is the only post you'd comment on. Weird.

Riddhi said...

Haha. That IS weird. Why would you think that though?