Saturday, August 9, 2008

The weekend that wasnt

I bunked work on Thursday and Friday so I can spend 4 days in Bengalooru - The Silicon Valley of India and half my native place too.

A saying goes: "If u throw a stone in Bangalore, it either falls on a dog or a software engineer".

Yeah, there is no paucity when it comes to dogs or software engineers in Bangalore. In fact there are banners across the city that read "C, C++ and Kannada are the most widely spoken languages in this city!"

As for dogs, there are many incidents where they attacked and injured/killed humans at odd hours. So, I'm not getting into it.

Though my main purpose of visit was my cousin's wedding, I had a few friends and a special person to meet too. So, I got to roam around the city. As for the wedding, it was a different episode altogether.

A few, if not all, aspects of the city I observed:

a)Two legs can get you faster to a destination than a 150 cc Pulsar, thanks to the traffic.

I guess the fact that they have traffic signals and traffic cops on top of fly-overs would substantiate my claim.

We could soon expect tea shops that sell Omelettes and Ciggies on fly-overs ;)

b)The weather is something you will not leave the city for. Splendid weather I must say. For bikers, the weather is just awesome but the traffic again, is discouraging. A ride after 10:30 pm would give a heavenly lift to your spirits.

c)The Auto guys are no different from their Chennai or Hyderabad counterparts devising ingenious new ways to rob people off their dough.

d)Blokes here are crazy about clothes and accessories. It's hard to find people who are boringly dressed. Freaky costumes, ear rings on all places except the ear and perfumes are some things you cant help but notice.

e)You can pass 5 hours of your time doing nothing on Brigade road , yet not feel bored.

f)Software Engineers claim they don't have much of a social life though. I met my Bye-Bye friends who work in Whitefield. Whitefield is Bangalore's Sainikpuri(Hyderabad) or Nolambur(Chennai) as far as the distance is concerned but extremely hi-tech. Half of their day is wasted on travel, remaining half at the Bye-Bye office which needs no further description.

g)For blokes who do have a social life, coffee shops and pubs are ubiquitous. I'm sure Bangalore has more Coffee Day outlets and pubs than any other city in Asia.

h)Coming back to the traffic. As if waiting in the traffic was not enough, people get tortured by eunuch's who pester them for money. The 120 second wait at Dairy Circle signal seemed a lifetime for me as 2 eunuchs tried to open my helmet visor and also block me from moving an inch further. One glance at the green signal and I felt like a prisoner being released after 20 years in jail.

i)Last but not the least, the city sees strikes almost every week. Roads get blocked with people shouting slogans and at times displaying violence too.

Just last week, there was a protest against Rajinikanth for his statements on the Hogenakkal dam. Today, when I'm just leaving Bangalore, I witnessed people throwing stones and bricks on any vehicle that carried the godforsaken letters "TN" on their number plates.

All said, Bangalore is one of the most happening cities in India with malls sprouting up like mushrooms and huge buildings all over the city. An entry criteria for any company to be an MNC could be a branch in Bangalore, no doubt. So pack your bags, come here and get Bangalored. Oops! please do not ban my blog, I meant Bengaloored. Cheers :)


Me said...

eunuchs.. haha
they seem to have an affinity for you :D

is the wedding-friends-special person gonna feature in Part-2?

Paul said...

i always knew it :-). I agree on everything except the strikes part. Spent many days of my life on brigade road.

Vivek said...

have to agree on everything...wrt to the traffic - isnt it the same everywhere...wrt there a more popular road in india???? wrt the eunuchs - ha ha ha...

M0H!TH said...

respect... man...nice totally agree with you..

Jayashree said...

'"C, C++ and Kannada are the most widely spoken languages in this city!"'

Fact is, Tamil is the most widely spoken languages in the city!Starting from the techies to cab drivers, vegetable vendors and maids theres tamil all over!

Even the eunuchs seem to speak in Tamil :)

no wonder kannadigas dont like tamilians!