Sunday, August 31, 2008

Adver(se)tising in India

Considering the fact that this vehicle roams in India, the advertiser is a smart ass. Sex is a word that sells anywhere in the world. More so, in India thanks to the fact that it's not publicly or openly discussed. (The population would not support the previous statement though, because we multiply like rabbits)

Without digressing further into sex, population or theme parks (do you see a connection here? Blame the picture!), let me first appreciate a few brands which I totally respect for the Ads they display.

1)Amul for their banner Ads which are cult material.

2)Fevicol has managed to capture humor without making much sense.

3)Surf Excel(the Ad with two kids)

4)Apache RTR with the Newton laws and Pulsar, the bike which checks out women and proves it's definitely male.

5)Minto fresh with the guy sneaking into the classroom. Happy dent with its pathetic experiment on a cow came back well with the "Kingdom Ad" where people smiling, light up an entire city.

6)Hutch Ads were an amazing lot and the pug was an instant celebrity.

But the Indian Advertising industry still has a looooong way to go!

1)A third grade movie in India with no script or story can fill the first show housefull by merely displaying Mallika Sharawat on the posters.

2)All detergent Ads are shot with 2 women in white sarees holding two buckets. One with dirty water, the other one, sparkling clean.

However, everyone liked the old ad "Washing powder Nirma" with the little girl going round and round :)

Listen to it here.

3)Amitabh Bachchan can use products ranging from Reid and Taylor to Navratan Thel oil. He can turn into a spirit to eat chocolates and can also sell Hajmola candies.
And oh, he is part of the detergent clan too.

4)While condom Ads should be stressing on their quality or on preventing the production of kids, they often show an old man or a servant maid getting mushy looking at the used ones.

5)Pepsi, Coke and Sprite would go to the extent of selling their companies to project their Ads superior to the others! There is no one in the Indian Cricket team or the Bollywood junta who don't belong to a Cola brand.

6)Ever wondered why Liril women bathed only in fountains or other public places?

7)Ever wondered if anyone became a shade brighter using Fair and Lovely cream? People fall prey to the "before" and "after" images! Common sense should help you realize they caught a very fair girl for the Ad and made her dark for the "before" image.

8)All perfume Ads end with a girl finally falling for the guy. If that is all it takes, my roommate would've bought the entire perfume factory in town by now.

9)The worst farce on TV is the Oil Ad. All Cooking Oils say "No cholesterol". The fact, doctors say, is that no oil contains cholesterol and do not treat any brand as special in that regard!

10)The worst Ad I have ever seen in my lifetime:

Picture an Indian "First Night Scenario"

So, the bride is sitting in the room waiting for her husband. But wait, she is weeping badly.

A bunch of worried people ask her what's wrong?

She says: "No one got my husband Poombukaar chaddies" (Don't brand me a liar, I know it's difficult to believe)

The blokes get the groom "Poombukar innerwear" and the bride is shown all smiling and the lights go off.(I'm still ashamed to be living for I know I should've shot myself looking at the Ad)

Well,my memory ain't helping me enough in recollecting many TV ads so I leave it to the readers to comment and add their list of sad TV commercials!

I'm sure you at least remember the famous people like the Vicco Vajradanthi blokes who, by now, would have had their 5th anniversary or the Sundrop Oil Kid who jumped into Pooris and Chapathis!


josh said...

How come there's no mention of my all time favourite pepsi ad?

Renu said...

I like whirlpool refrigerator ad--ise sab pata ha:)

Rohit said...

Again you got Josh into this!!! funny to see your fixation with him on your blog!!!
Intereting you did not mention the wildstone ad....:P
Guess it would become a scandal???

Vicky said...

@Ro: wat makes u think it wasnt rahul raj I was talkin bout?! :p

and wildstone ad, my friend, would be the perfect example of a statement-turned-into-a-scandal...

Rohit said...

thats exactly what I am saying... how do you know in which I am mentioning Josh?? :P

Vivek said...

Not a great fan of ads...always switch channels when they come only to find ads in the rest of the channels i want to see at that same time...having said that, the new nike ad is the best i'v seen for quite some time...

Manasa said...

ano...about that perfume ad comment...why talk bout ur roomie? i mean if all the girls are going to fall for u if u just spary on some perfume then wouldn't you buy the entire factory?

about the chaddies never seen it (thank god for that)

and for that vicco ad its not the 5th may be time for their 50th anniversary.

and whts this talk about wildstone....never heard of it...or did i...dont recall.

thode aur pics daalne the. why have u used dat stupid movie poster. ugh.

Brity said...

how did u miss the famous Cadbury ad in which the girl jumps into the field and dances when the winning runs are scored!!!????

Jallu said...

Vig...ur fixation with jo is gettin very obvious now :P

Chemical Engineer said...

Collection of creative ads....