Monday, June 16, 2008

Rocking the cradle - then pinching the baby!

Bye-bye (name tweaked: a software company I worked for before, I joined Google) has a brilliant world class training facility in Trivandrum, Kerala. When a bunch of 500 students got recruited in VIT into Bye-bye, they had no idea the training was going to be so much fun. I was part of that 500 and August 1st 2007 was my first day at training.

Bye-bye freaked us all out on the first day of training. Here are some of the Bye-bye rules:

1) 9 am sharp and everyone needs to be in class on time. Else your rebuked upon badly. Yeah you have school, then bindaas college life and again back to school with Bye-bye.

2) You need to look extremely professional. That includes:

a) Wearing formals top to bottom.
b)Wearing your top most button was compulsory
c)Tie which must cover that button mentioned above.
d)You need to wear socks that match on both legs.

Im not kidding but they have periodic checks and guys are asked to lift their pants up so they can confirm you are wearing the right pair of socks.

So we are divided into batches and if one guy fails the "professionalism" check, negative points are awarded for that batch.

Once, such a check was done and the whole audience consisting of students from many batches were in splits!! Suddenly a guy from my batch walked in late and the "quality checkers" asked him which batch he was from and we were all signalling him to tell the wrong batch. This costs us a few points too LOL.

The final results are announced end of the week and the paper is posted on the notice boards!! People throng the notice board and have a laugh taking the case of people who committed crimes on different categories like

"Dint wear tie properly"

"Sleeves folded"

"Wrong socks"

"Using ipod in class"

and many more!!

3)Attendance on all days is compulsory. Unless your friggin sick they dont entertain leaves. All the 50 days are to be attended.

4)ID cards!! Having one is just not enough. You have to swipe it every time you enter or leave the building. Even if you find the door open you have to swipe it too. Else you become a tailgater.

Inspite of all this, the training was so much fun. It was our second college with weekend trips to places around God's own country and it was the first time we had a Co-Ed dormitory ;)
I guess Bye-bye doesnt recruit a lot of babes so it aint a great celebration really.

Somehow, girls and guys always had something to study in the hostel since that was the only excuse they can use to "talk" to each other till 12 am or more than that. Im sure that in the other guys- only hostels, people slept off by 10 pm ;)

Rumour has it that many people find their life partners @ training. Well I sure know one couple for sure who would chuckle reading this post!!

Few things I remember from the training days:

B6 (6 in malayalam is pronounced "aaru" so B plus "aaru" gives us baaru which means BAR)

B6 is a blessed place for corporates as we had a discount for Bye-bye employees. After a tough day at work, we all used to gather there, drink and then head to the Executive Hostel.

Coffee Beans

This restaurant is on top of the same hill which houses our training centre. The view is simply awesome. Coffee and sutta during lunch breaks was the best timepass.


All training batches have a 30 minute session on how to react in case a fire opens up in any of the Bye-Bye facilities. They talked about how our business must continue and we must pick up critical hardware before vacating.

So one day, a Mr.Colonel, the chief security gave a talk and he said 2 minutes is the time before which all humans and equipment should be out of the building.

Some days later when our classes were going on the alarm went on buzzing. The building we were in was a 3 storyed one. We all came out and started wondering if fire really broke out.

Suddenly 3 people from the ground floor, carrying a huuuuuuuge water pipe started spraying water on all the 3 floors. Amused by this incident, a few of them got wet in that water and others assumed that it was a real fire and ran out of the building, dodging the spray. As for me, I wasnt sure whether it was a real fire or another fire drill. SO it took around 2 1/2 minutes to vacate.

Icing on the cake though, was when Colonel was watching people hurry out of the building and a few dumasses were showing their ID cards on the system before vacating.

Colonel had a session after this and took the case of these people asking if their attendance was more important than their lives. LOL.

Training finally turned out to be great fun and we later realized that was Bye-bye's way of welcoming people just before they get screwed at work place.

Apparently the company asks for options as to where you wanna work and assigns places just where you dont wanna work. Bongs ended up in Chennai and Tams ended up in Mumbai. Thats good in a way but why ask for options at all?


So fun stopped literally the day training got over. Then, it was anything but fun.


1)3 days are given for people to settle in their new locations.

2)Most of us realize we're on bench! Which means you can sit at home and salary will come knocking at our doorsteps. They call it resource pooling though.

3)My friend in Delhi was in Bye-bye s payroll even after he left the company and joined a BPO in Chennai! Thats how well they know their employees

4)Projects are forced upon people. People who did mechanical engineering get to design websites and computer science blokes work on excel sheets adding two rows and three columns. Argh! Ask me about it!!

5)In the end, you feel like going back to training :)

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VAMSI said...

Gr8 !!! Keep it up !!

Narasimhan said...

A word from someone who said bye bye to bye-bye just before joining but neva knew that though the bye-bye's training though has a good outlook, is hard to attend. Lucky me....

Macha has been generous enough call it bye bye btw

g. said...

Very insightful stuff Vicky! Not sure though if it is in line with Bye-Bye's code of conduct... if they have one of course :) that bench thing is amazing, never would have even imagined that something like that can exist... keep it real/

Sasidhar said...

I definitely want to go work there for a while. Sounds like fun. :)