Monday, June 2, 2008

G for Goa.G for Gunny.G for Ghost

Disclaimer: Im really bad at explaining horror stuff and getting people scared but I'm blogging anyway simply because of 1 reason: This happened for real. And it is easy to explain what happened in reality.

[Weak hearts-you can stop reading NOW].

I had been to Goa on December 2006, just a week before I had to leave for Singapore to do my project. Goa in two words: beach and alcohol. Nothing else mattered to me.

An occasional boozer converts into a drunkard when he hits Goa. So what I converted into probably cannot be categorized.

My friends and I used to wake up, reach out for a bottle of Royal Challenge or Blue Riband. Once the bottle is downed we got up from the bed and brushed our teeth!!!

So one day, we finished all our adventures by 12 30 am. By then we had been TOTALLY sloshed. A few Kingfishers on the beach throughout the morning, fish and Imperial Blue in the afternoon. Then hit the beach again with some Lime Juice in hand. Evening, we took our vehicles(I hate cars so I rented out a bike and the remaining blokes rented a car) and roamed one half of Goa.

There we played all watersports, had another round of alcohol(whats the difference you may ask? Well this time I had it with hookah ;)

Finally had a great dinner and we were all sloshed(except the guy who can drive the car). We started at 12 30 am and had to travel a looooong distance to reach our hotel(Calangute). The car chaps obviously sped ahead and it was only me and Kumar on the bike travelling at 90 to 100 Kmph on the highway.

This was how the roads looked like when we were riding:

I realized Kumar was dozing off and just to keep him occupied, I showed him how the highway would look like if i switched off my headlights.

This was how it looked like:

You can try lime, you can try puking or any other way to reduce the effect of alcohol, but trust me this one works like a charm. All the booze we had suddenly seemed to have disappeared. This one scared the daylights(damn where were they?) out of us. We just wanted to reach our guest house as soon as possible(and then probably try to start all over and get high again ;).

Hoping that my headlights wouldnt goof up, I sped again with high-beam on ! Kumar had nearly dozed off and he woke up with a thud thanks to my CBZ which started wobbling now. I immediately stopped and decelerated while the bike swerved automatically towards the edge of the road and I killed the engine immediately.

Please see the picture above again! Do you see 2 people there?!! Exactly, that exactly how it was when the headlights went off again! I could not really find Kumar. After a few seconds I vaguely saw that I have another person on that dreadful road beside me. Apparently, the back tyre had got punctured.

Kumar and I freaked out completely and were wondering what to do. We were talking to each other and I heard a voice.It did not sound like Kumar.

[Right now when Im just blogging about it Im seeing one zillion goosebumps on my hands and Im not kidding]

Kumar heard it too and he knew it wasnt me. He caught the bike and clung on to it. Before I tried to do the same thing, I heard the voice calling me.

"aaeeeeee inge vaaaa"

Translates to : aeeee come here.

Common sense told me I could be dreaming cuz I was in Goa and there was no way someone was talking to me in Tamizh. (Well yeah common sense aint so common. aaaaaah forget that now)

I was fucking scared and felt a chill go down my spine. By now, Kumar was shouting(he still was a bit high, poor thing). He yelled in thamizh "Who is it, where are you, who is it, where are you".

This freaked me out all the more. Imagine drowning with someone who doesnt know how to swim. Aint that totally hopeless? Thats exactly how I felt when I realized Kumar was more scared than me.

"Inge vaa..seekram vaaa onnum panna maattaen"

Translation: " Come here fast, I wont do anything"

The voice was more commanding and coarse and I wished I never came to Goa or atleast not taken a bike ride.

I lost hope on Kumar, left him where he was most comfortable-the bike and I turned back towards the direction from where the voice came.

I gathered some courage and inched towards the road. I saw nothing but I heard the voice again.
Right then, I was sure as dead it wasnt anthing physical but a bloody ghost because I saw nothing but heard voices.

"Naa setthu 10 varsham aachu , onnum panna mattaen inge vaaaaa"

Translation:" Im dead for the last 10 years, I wouldnt harm you"

WTF??? you expect someone to believe your harmless when you claim your dead already?

I wanted to turn back and run to the bike but was scared to do that also for reasons I still dont know.

I was slowly walking backwards and eyeing the highway like an eagle. I noticed there was nothing but a was a gunny sack. Just a plain brown gunny sack.

Few seconds later the voice started again

"Oaadadhe inge vaa onnum panna mattaen"

Translation: " Dont run come here, I wont do anything"

I stopped right there and focussed. The voice came from the gunny bag lying on the road. Yes a fucking gunny bag! I did some imaginary geometry with my hands and all i could figure out was that only a dog could fit inside that gunny bag. I dont know how to explain that feeling, but you know, you are goddamned curious even when you know you could die of fear.

Going further towards the bag, the voice was louder and louder. It went like "come here fast", " I wont kill you cuz im dead already" "fast fast" and whats worse, it said "help me help me" when i reached the sack.

All those horror movie scenes I watched from childhood went reeling in front of my head. Curiousity however got the better of me and I bent down to look at the gunny bag.(Kumar was now curious too.Well why wouldnt he be? After all it was me who was nearer to the ghost)

I did not speak anything. Was waiting for something to happen. A sudden movement inside the gunny sack made me jerk and of course scream. I was about to run backwards as I saw a human figure coming out of the bag. I got even more scared and wished it was rather a ghost.

Having run a couple of metres backwards, I noticed the man was completely out of the gunny sack and I scanned him. He had no legs at all and his body stopped right at his tummy.

Phew! Me and Kumar were assured that we were gonna live! First question I shot was:

Me(in thamizh):Who are you?
Sackwaala: My name is srinivas
Me: Why the hell did you say you were dead? it freaked us out.
Srinivas: Because I have no legs and I had an accident before 10 years. After that I was always dead.

Really felt bad for that man. We pulled him towards the edge of the road and asked him not to sleep on the highway. Wondered if my friends who went by car ever noticed the gunny bag.

We parked the bike in a nearby place and Srinivas said he would take care of it. Friends came rushing in the car and 7 of us adjusted in the zen and got back to the hotel.

Next day morning, we all got back to the place and saw Srinivas inside the same sack. Gave the bike for repair and got Srinivas a tea.

He explained that he was a thamizh guy who came to Goa 2 decades back and worked as a tourist guide.10 years earlier a lorry had run over him and he had no money left to go back home or get himself operated. He knew Goa in and out and he loved travelling. He had been to many tourist places across India and that was why he considered himself completely dead as he couldnt move. He required help even for moving a few metres ahead.

His entire life was inside that gunny sack. Eating, sleeping, talking, loo and everything within that tiny house.

Now as Im ending the story, the goosebumps are all gone. Just a tiny droplet of tear peeping from my eye. I never thought I would actually feel sorry for any man who scared the shit out of me like that.

Next time any of you guys are hitting Goa, make sure you watch out for a gunny bag on the highway. And dont get scared! Just say "Hai Srinivas we know you"....


Death of a Clown said...

Reading this is giving me goosebumps! Freak!!

Vivek said...

Super story macha...if it is true, sniff...

Cassey said...

good story... sad.... AND o... I GOT DE LINK :)

maru said...

Nooooooooooo comments(like noooooooo bid u used to say in bridge) was lil frightenin to start wid da but u couldnt maintain d momentum

Vicky said...

hmmm true. Daredevil maru, its indeed difficult to scare u :p

lovelldies said...

dude man brotha!!

where exactly is this guy positioned?? will go there and tell him give him ur love when i head back home..

i know those roads by lung, so just gimme a landmark.. i cant go around turning all the gunny bags on the road :P

Brity said...

Hey very good naration...I thoroughly enjoyed readin the post....keep them comin:-)