Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making 40 bucks profit with long hair(true incident)

Alright guys dont freak out. Im starting my story right away. During my days in VIT, I used to shuttle from Vellore to Chennai and back quite frequently. I bunked all fridays (for reasons that only my friends know) so I spent every friday saturday and sunday in Chennai and caught the monday morning trains(6 am) back to VIT.

On one such day in the railway station....(I had short hair and looked like a nerd then)
A fragile old man, dressed up like a gentleman came up to me and spoke in english, english that would remind you of someone who probably works in a voice-based BPO.

He said, "young man, I have a favour to ask"

Me:Yes Sir

Gentleman:Whats your name?


Gentleman:Wowwww what a co-incidence! My name is Vignesh too....Anyway Vignesh ...I know its shameful to ask anybody for this but I dont have a choice. Ticket cost to Vellore is 54 rupees and I have only 44 thanks to my wife who forgot to keep my wallet in my bag. I have relatives
in Vellore who'd come to the station and I will return it to you promptly. If you dont mind can you spare me 10 rupees?

Me:Sure. (I gave 10 bucks to him)

Gentleman:God bless you. What you studying?

Me:VIT computer science

Gentleman:Cool. What languages you working on? C++, Java?

(I felt proud having helped a man who knew way beyond what he should.Well my dad wouldnt even know what a programming language is ! {sorry dad I need to blog here thats why ;) }

We spoke for sometime and I boarded the train along with friends who took my case really bad saying I got fooled by some conman. I defended and told them "wait till you get down in VIT, I will introduce that man to you guys"

Well he never came and I got late for my classes, so I fled fighting with my friends saying he could not have spotted me in the crowd.

1 1/2 years later(when my hair hadnt met a pair of scissors for nearly a year)....

I was waiting in the railway station looking at the computer screens. One gentleman comes up to me and ....I was like whoaa this guy is here to say sorry and return my 10 rupees. Before I could smile at him he opened up ...

Gentleman: Where is the punjab national bank ATM?
Me: (wtf?!!!) Hmm Im not sure sir. (My smile vanished and I preferred to wait)

(May/May-not be a)Gentleman:Ok no problem.Whats your name?

Me:(the smart ass in me openin up) Shankar

The Asshole!!: wowww what a co-incidence! My name is shankar too(I was almost gonna beat the bastard up but I was like lets wait and see how it all goes)...I have a favor to ask. Punjab national bank ATM is not available here and I am a diabetes patient. I need to catch the Coimbatore train immediately. I fell a little short of cash. Can you spare me 50 rupees?(haaa! talk about price inflation!)

Me:(thought for quite a while and...) yes but how would I get back the money?

The Asshole:Please give me your house address I will send a money order for you.

Me:(anger burning inside but told myself "wait I need my money back") Oh sure but I have only a 100 rupee note so could you please give me 50 rupees because I would require atleast 50 to get to my hostel.

The Dumb Asshole took 50 bucks and promptly gave it to me. I started to walk. He followed me and asked "Excuse me you forgot to give me 50 rupees". I told him I knew him and he better make a move or I ll call the police(Okay guys I dint call the police cuz I had my dreaded data structures exam and I had 5 mins to catch the train).

The unpredictable Asshole then caught my collar and said"Im a decent man and dont fool an old man". I dont know what he read from my facial reaction...but he fled the scene immediately and disappeared in a jiffy.

Recollecting that incident today, Im wondering how such a smart conman would not keep track of the people he fools. Anyways too unlucky for him I had abnormally long hair that could ve fooled even my cousins.

Tomorrow if i get to meet him, he probably woulnt recognize me as I weigh twice as much as I did then!


Vivek said...

well, when he told us this story 3 yrs back, we couldnt help laughing our asses off...i read it now nd i still laugh...nice pozhaps vicky...u gave 10 bucks nd got back 50 bucks...who's the thief here???? :P

lovell said...

nice one man..
u got conned hahahha!!!

maru said...

all of vicky's heroic acts happen when no one's arround :) anyways i trust maan

Tejal said...

hey.. i like ur power of imagination

cassey said...


Parnita said...

abbba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jorrrr ;-)

heroism torasthiiya!!!

anand said...

common... really?